And thus, ’twas done.

Despite the best efforts of my taxi driver, who showed up 30 minutes late, got lost twice & answered his mobile phone while driving,  I’ve made it to SeaTac airport & a through a hassle free check in.

I have certainly learnt many practical things in the past 3 months, from bike maintenance to chicken rearing to lock picking. I feel that I’ve also learnt more about myself & some far out life philosophy stuff. But the stuff about myself is private, & the far out stuff you either already know, or have to experience for yourself….

So here at the end, another huge thank you to all the people who donated their time, effort, encouragement & hard earned cash to get me here. A huge thank you to Rob Greenfield & his partner Cheryl Davies for coming up with the Green Riders idea. A huge thank you to all of the Green riders, hosts, & random strangers that supported & welcomed me along the way, both during & after the ride. It means more than you know.

Farewell North America, you have surpassed my expectations in every way. Until next time…

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