America, fuck yeah! 

My experience of the USA has been completely different from the America we see on the news. Without exception, everybody I’ve met has been warm & accepting. Lucky for me.

There is no doubt that the USA has more than it’s fair share of fear & hateful behaviour at the moment,  but it also has a lot of love.

One of the things that has struck me is widespread public displays of tolerance. An incredible number of businesses & homes have posters in their windows or placards on their lawns with inclusive, welcoming messages or supporting a campaign (& not just on the liberal West Coast). 

Rainbow flags are not only to be found outside gay bars but in the windows of hairdressers, cafes, creameries, advice services, you name it. They are not necessarily gay businesses, they’re actively welcoming the ‘other’ & making it clear that a safe space awaits.
There are also many ‘Little Free Libraries’ – book exchange boxes that people have set up to better their local streets. Simple & amazing!

These are not things I’ve noticed so much in the UK & I find myself wondering why. Just sayin’…

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