Sleeping in Seattle

Seattle,  Washington – state #9

My time in Seattle has mostly been spent walking the tourist trail, playing with a very cute gremlin dog & finally succumbing to the lure of book shops. One of my best days involved a troll, Lenin, a piece of the Berlin Wall, & a really good cup of tea. I did find some interesting community stuff as well…

Seattle Urban Farms

 I’ve seen many wonderful urban gardens scattered around Seattle – lots of people are growing fruit & vegetables in their yards.  One day I took a tour organised by Seattle Farm School & saw some really cool gardens & small farms. I ate off trees, learnt more about bees, was impressed by mulch & got goat salvia on my kness!

Along the way I met one of the founders of Seattle Farm School. It started through a seed swap group that she set up on facebook & developed naturally as people started swapping advice & skills.

It’s a Riot

I went to a reading of ‘Don’t call it a Riot’, a play about the Black Panthers & the human side of revolution. Amontaine Aurore, the writer, introduced the play & let us know that Seattle started the 2nd Black Panthers chapter in the USA. I also learnt a bit about a riot that happened 50 years ago in Detroit at a talk at Seattle’s public library. 

And lots of other stuff…

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