Green Riders reach Seattle! 

This photo was taken in Central Park on day 1 of the Green Riders – good deeds on bikes – tour. 82 days later I cheered on the Green Riders who finished up in Seattle for their last hill of the journey! 

The Stats: 48 people joined the ride, for all or a portion, cycling a collective 87,000 miles (apparently that’s 3 1/2 times around the world!). Along the way we cleaned up over 20,000 pieces of trash, rescued 5,000 lbs of food, planted 1000’s of wildflower & vegetable seeds, 50 fruit trees & gave time & effort at many community gardens. I have to say that we inspired tons of people along the way (not blowing my own trumpet – they told us so!) I’m guessing that we also all learnt a lot about ourselves & the power of giving & receiving. I certainly did. Though I went on my own journey after 1000 miles, I will always be a Green Rider. I have so much respect & gratitude for this bunch of people, all on their own personal journeys & striving to make the world a better place.

Check out Rob Greenfield’s blog or Facebook page to see what sustainable environmental adventure he has planned next!

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