Portland, Oregon – state #8

I had a great time chilling out in Portland – mostly swimming in the river, cycling, & drinking craft beer.

Portland’s cycling infrastructure is really good, meaning that craft beer & cycling do go together …(?!) – the motorists are also very careful to stop & give both cyclists & pedestrians lots of room. A chap told me that this is because motorists are always seen as in the wrong if there is a collision, though I like to think it’s just good manners.

Bike Farm

I visited Bike Farm, a volunteer run collective that has been running for 10 years. They host do-it-yourself sessions (for the price of membership or $5 an hour), sell cheap used bike parts, and sometimes refurbished bikes. They are entirely self funded from these pursuits, relying on over 300 volunteers who lend their time sharing skills & building their skills with each other & the community.   I went along on a ‘Women & Trans only’ night &, with the guidance of Momoko, successfully learnt how to change my brake pads & true my very out of shape front wheel (which I had been riding on for a week!) Bike Farm was a wonderful community space – very warm & inviting. I ended up drinking craft cider with some volunteers after the session. I was offered a volunteer role and a roommate, & a few days later Momoko drove myself & one of her friends out to a local river & lake to go swimming! A very special experience.

Waterfalls & Mountains & that

Portland is also surrounded by beautiful waterfalls & mountains. It is home to Powell’s book store which covers a whole block, over 70 microbreweries, & the world’s official smallest park (Guinness Book of Records), which also happens to be the official largest leprechaun colony West of Ireland (Irish Government).


Craft beers

Well, they’re just delicious.

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