California Zephyr (or 2 1/2 days on a train)

  • Chicago, IL to San Francisco, CA via Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, & California. 
  • Going through 3 (?) time zones & losing track of an acceptable time to crack open a beer.
  • On night one, sleeping next to a man wearing a Jesus t shirt who covered himself head to toe in a coarse blanket. It felt like sleeping next to a giant sack of potatoes. 
  • Reading the Handmaid’s Tale whilst sharing a train with many women wearing old fashioned white bonnets & ankle length reddish dresses (Melanites?)
  • Starting to feel like a zoo animal & planning ‘trips out’ to the viewing cart two carriages back.
  • Meeting lots of lovely people in the viewing cart – a Scot living in Denver,  a chap planning to cycle from Reno to Vancouver, a couple on their way to a Jazz festival,  a couple visiting from Australia,  a nail technician starting biochemistry at uni… they laugh at Britain’s tiny mountains.
  • Travelling through the Rockies,  Sierra Nevada’s, Gold Country & heaps of beautiful places

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