2 days in Chicago

  • A tour of Chicago’s old time gangsters – gangwars, black mail, & the theatre where John Dillenger was shot. The people loved him so much that women dipped their scarves in his blood just for a momento.
  • Visiting ‘Oz Park ‘ & reading in the Emerald city (gardens)
  • Selfies at ‘the Bean’, Anish Kapoors’s addition to the city.
  • Feeling like a dinosaur in the fern stricken botanical gardens. 
  • A real Chicago deep dish pizza.
  • Seeing only 1 animal at the free zoo. Presumably the other animals were clever enough to steer clear of the heat… especially the polar bears.
  • Being inspired by social reform at the Jane Addams museum, the first American woman to win the Noble Peace prize & a massive lezzer.
  • Contemplating several quilts representing people killed by Chicago police.
  • Having dinner & a beer at ‘Revolution Brewing’.
  • Discovering the existence of an axe throwing range too late.
  • Staying with, & being spoiled by, Erica & Paul (& feline campanion, Alex)

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