Farm life

  • Catching my first runaway chicken.
  • Catching the same chicken 3 more times & developing an odd sense of pride & irritation each time i see her.
  • Imagining the great chicken escape to involve climbing, jumping & catapulting over the electric fence, only to discover her ungracefully shuffling under the fence.
  • Getting shocked by the fence.
  • Developing a welly boot hurdle tactic to avoid future shocks from the fence.
  • Fertilising the plants with a fish gut mixture that looks like, but certainly does not smell like, milky coffee. Wearing a ghostbuster-esqe plastic backpack & spraying it on whilst dancing to Fatboy Slim.
  • Hunting for fat grub-like potato bugs & putting them in a bucket to feed to the chickens.
  • Feeding compost to the pigs & watching them fight for the last banana skin.
  • Discovering barn cat living in the hay bales.
  • Showering outdoors with a view of the sky.
  • Driving around in a golf cart.
  • Planting, weeding & harvesting.
  • Riding the transplanter.
  • Learning about cover crops.
  • Celebrating Summer Solstice with the farm fam & other Wwoofers.
  • Trying a ‘Smore’ for the 1st time.
  • Re-reading Harry Potter & hanging out in the garage a lot.
  • Learning what a combine harvester actually is.
  • Coyote pups out back.
  • Celebrating 4th July, in America,  with Americans! 
  • Seeing Lake Michigan for the 1st time after sneaking through a state park at night.
  • Swimming in the Lake.
  • Driving a speedboat!
  • Trampolining.
  • Drinking local craft beers.
  • Climbing Sleeping Bear sand dunes.
  • Skipping stones.
  • Camping trip at Sleeping Bear. 
  • Compost toilet…

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