A wolverine in our midst

Day 20 – to Montague, MI (59 miles)

Another chilled out morning – hanging out in the climbing gym having breakfast & chatting. I set off with Jess, hatchet John, Suzie, Emily & skater John. We have a lot of fun. The route is mostly trail & we pass some errie wetland where the trees are submerged in dark lakes. Skater John plays music as he rides & at some point we all find ourselves singing along to ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’. The morning is cool & grey before the heavens open & we get drenched by rain & hail stones. Riding through puddles is fun!

By lunchtime it is sunny & we stop on grass outside a ‘correctional facility’ – dumpster pasta, tomatoes, peppers, avocado with foraged mushroom. The mushroom is a bit past it’s best & like chewing on a tasty old boot.
I discover that my spirit animal is a Wolverine,  which pleases me though I do not agree. I spend the rest of the ride pondering my latent animal traits.

We ride to a HUGE lake & jump off a soon to be private dock at the end of a half built cul-de-sac. The water is glorious aside from pond weed on my head.

We do some more dumpster diving – pastries aplenty including very large doughnuts shaped like hot dogs & hamburgers. ‘The American dream’, I say, which amuses Suzie very much.

Our host tonight is Peter Bane, author of the Permaculture Handbook. Apparently he us quite a big deal. He has mde us salad & pumpkin & venison soups. The rain starts again once tents are up & I have a lengthy tenancy battle with a mosquito,  who is eventually evicted.

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