1000 miles ain’t bad

Day 21 – Rest day

A lazy day for me – reading, drawing, doing my Scrubba laundry (though dirt is now ingrained into my cycling shirts), solar powered showering under the sun, getting online & pondering my next action…

We get a tour of Peter Bane’s developing permaculture space. He & Keith have done so much since they got the place a few years ago,  it is amazing. The excitement that Keith shows whilst showing us around his vegetable garden helps me make my decision – I’m going to leave the group & spend some time on an organic farm. I want to learn more that i can iimplement at home & right now I feel that I’m just skimming through places. I announce this at tonight’s meeting to mostly supportive responses.

I have had an amazing time with the Green Riders & know that they will continue to have many adventures.  It’s been fun hanging out though I realise that learning was my main purpose of this trip.

I’m proud to say that I’ve cycled 1000 miles with them, embarked upon something completely outside my comfort zone, & taken a chance. I feel ready to start a new chapter.

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