Day 17 – destination unknown – next scheduled host in 101 miles.

I ride with Kim, Lee & Sarah. After a few miles a realise i left my phone back at camp – luckily when we contact the lovely Jonathan he is still there & says that he will grab it for me. It is cooler than yesterday & 23 miles is a breeze. We stop for brunch at a ‘Big Boy’ diner. I discover that steak for breakfast is a real thing in America & that Americans call scones biscuits & biscuits cookies. Kim has southern fried steak, which tastes like chicken. It is another customer’s birthday & the staff serve them a cake whilst singing the most lack lustre happy birthday I’ve ever heard. They all seem downtrodden & I make sure I tip well even though the waitress can’t understand my accent.

After some suggestive photos with ‘Big boy’ outside (with 1 chap passing by at inopportune moments exclaiming ‘oh boy’), we get back on the road towards Jackson, Michigan, which naturally triggers Johnny Cash to be stuck in our heads all day.

We stop at a bike shop while Sarah & Kim enquire about getting their stems changed. The owner offers to let us camp around the back of the store & we decide to call it a day at 44 miles & go to the movies. We hide our stuff in the bushes, dumpster dive at Aldi & find more cookies, grapes, bananas,, tomatoes, avocado & cheese than we can carry, then cycle to the Wonderwoman at the ‘movie theater’. I enjoy the 1st 20 minutes, then men & nazis are introduced & it all goes downhill from there. Not feminist at all.

A storm is abrewing when we leave the film & lightening flashes across the sky. The others are not confident that their tents will withstand  the rain so we search for a cheap local hotel. We cycle through the night rain with lightening in the sky & fireflies flashing on the ground. It reminds me of ET. 

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