Trails & Trucks

Day 15 – to Shared Legacy Farm, Elmoor, Ohio (60 miles)

The morning is beautiful – quiet roads, warm sun, open fields. I reconnect with Sheryl Crow, who lifts my spirits as I sing & dance on my bike – the perfect soundtrack. We ride a lot on bike trails, which make life a whole lot more relaxed, & play cat and mouse with a few other riders – one of my favourite things about cycling the same routes. 20 miles goes by quickly. 

We find a lake that potentially is just a duck pond & dive right in. Some other riders have beat us to it & Rob piggy backs Cheryl into the water. We are invigorated by water &  stop at every fountain to soak our clothes as well as fill our bottles. 

We stop for ice cream – the store only sells half gallon tubs so we get one & sit on the concrete porch with spoons. We make a good dent in it & offer the rest to passers by.
About 10 miles from our destination we turn into the next bike trail… just as a chap pulls over a ‘Do not use’ sign. It has just been freshly tarmacked. Our alternative is a very fast, very busy truck route. With a dip on our right & warning grooves on our left, the shoulder gives us about 2 tyres width to cycle within. When large trucks whizz past I am pushed a few feet forward by the wind they create, which makes things quicker I suppose. It continues for 6 miles, which seem to take longer than our starting 20 miles. 

Yet finally we make it to Shared Legacy farm. I let a small child hose me down upon arrival & my trainers are damp for days. They put on a pot luck dinner & a friend of the farm sets up speakers & serenades us with his guitar into the night. 

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