The long road to Mooville

Day 18 – to Nashville, MI (57 miles)

We have a late, leisurely start in our hotel room – laundry, hot showers (ultimate luxury) & general faffing.  We don’t get on the road until midday & Sarah speeds off, anxious about the faffing. The ride is quiet & long – not much around for distraction, I listen to podcasts about the Suffragettes – real feminism. We end up stopping at a family home to ask for water – there is the smell of weed in the air & they are the only people so far not to ask anything about our trip. 

Lee has bike trouble & finds a ride to get her the last few miles. WlKim & i stop at ‘Mooville’, a diary & creamery with a selection of religious paraphernalia in the porch & a petting zoo next door. A huge cow statue stands facing the cow field like some kind of cow god. I wonder if cows get intimidated. I have spectacular Butter Pecan ice cream & a goat tries to eat my hair.

We get a warm welcome at our next destination, a Warm Showers host. Bob’s wife, Maggie, invited us all to stay then gone on a 5 day bike tour. Bob is a gracious host. There is food on the stove & boxes of dumpster food up for grabs on the stairs. I set my tent up next to the creek while the bullfrogs sing. Ransom & John jam on a guitar & ukelele as the evening rolls in. A lovely evening under the fairy lights.

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