Sweating & Swimming

Day 16 – to Bahn public pool, Adrian, Michigan (55 miles)

Up for 6am & i am sweating before i leave my tent. We are treated to a breakfast of homemade granola,yoghurt, fresh fruit & bread  7am & the sun is beating. I ride again with Claude, who later tells me that inadvertently I taught him the meaning of the word ‘shade’ today. We stop & nap in a cemetery about 25 miles in. We have frequent stops to cool down & find a murky green lake next to an unlabelled industrial looking building. .. 94F is not hot enough to jump in there but we risk dipping our t shirts. We chat to a trucker who is super excited about starting his own 3 week tour. We arrive to our destination & I stand over a water spigot for 5 minutes to begin to feel normal again. The town has allowed us to camp outside their public pool for the evening, it is still open so it’s water slides & communal showers all round. We do a clear up of trash from the creek, as much as poison ivy will allow.

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