Back in the saddle

Day 13 – to Richfield, Ohio – just under 70 miles

Jess, Elle & I are back on our bikes. Vanessa is still on a lot of pain so heads to visit an uncle & recover in Nashville, Tennesee.  We ride our first 30 miles in no time. Ohio is flat, which is just wonderful. We detour to a huge lake to swim & cool down. We cycle off in dripping clothes which dry in no time. The sun is beating & the last 7 miles in 35ºc are tough. We are glad to arrive at our next stop – a former girl scout camp that we are staying at as a kind of trial group for opening it to the public in the future. Our camp hostess is super sweet & peppy & makes us sign disclaimers. 

This is the hometown of one of our riders, Lexi, whose mum happens to be the mayor, and so we are treated to a spread including kombucha & vegan pizza by the mayor of Richfield. Lastnight’s hosts rock up in their truck with Bear, more food, a crate of beers & a massage table. They have just driven 60 miles to camp out with us – “we kinda like y’all”. We are delighted. Our camp hostess is less delighted as their arrival is unexpected, alcohol is not allowed & our visitors are obviously worryingly cool. They stay anyway.

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