Hitchin’ & Plantin’

Day 3 – Pensilvania – 37 miles

Short ride today (how quickly we adjust!) The day goes from grey to hot hot sun. Lovely ride, the route is flat-ish & beautiful. I try pumpkin ice cream at a local dairy on the way. It works. We are camping on an organic local farm for the next 2 nights. We later get a tour from the cheesemaker who tells us that this is one of the oldest farms in Pensilvania & is run collaboratively. They give us homemade feta & homegrown strawberries upon arrival. We swim & do laundry in the creek, which is delightful. 

Later Claude & I decide to walk to the local shop.  It is closed so we decide to hitchhike – first time for us both. We are picked up by Randy & hold on to the sides of an open pick up truck! Amazing. We get a ride back from a family who move around their seats to make space for us – a couple with 2 kids & grandma in the back. We discover that grandad sells milk to our cheesemaker & gets whey to feed the pigs in return.

Day 4 – Rest Day – Oley Farm

Tea & bike maintenance in the morning – Joshua, our on hand mechanic, adjusts some things on my gears & lets me know that my bike has ‘a quirk’. Of course it does.

One of the farm volunteers, Lara, has set up a work day for us in the lovalctown of Reading, Berks. We clear & replant flower beds in the middle of the road. People passing in cars thank us & a chap gives us $20 to buy ourselves some food. Whilst clearing the bed I find a syringe case, a family photograph taken at ‘Party Palace’, & a bullet shell.

Emily & I go to find a local bike shop & she takes me for my first ever dumpster dive – the back of a big pharmacy chain CVS – we find packets & packets of Oreos & ‘Nutter Butters’.  The bins are full of milk, which we leave. 

Lara gives us a ride back to the farm. She has to stop on the way & her housemate is outside tending to his beehive. 16, 000 bees live on one tray. It is incredible. There is a cat.

Back at the farm we are served a pot luck feast. It is amazing. We eat & chat into the night. A few people locate instruments & play & sing. I play one of my songs. We end the evening on the back porch with Ransom plucking a banjo. A cheer ascends as one of the farm workers manages to break into her locked car. I go to sleep to the sound of the creek.

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