Dumpster diving the mountains

Day 5 – to Wrightsville, PA – 60 miles

The first ‘on our own’ night – I haven’t ridden with so many people yet! Lancaster is the 50 mile mark so we play cat and mouse until we get very close then split a little. We have been invited to camp in a park next to a river. The bemused ranger meets us & brings water & tools before the mayor drops by for a visit with his wife. We share out food found in the dumpster earlier for dinner – aubergines,  spring onions, green beans, radishes, & bagels. Lee makes an amazing salad.

Day 6 – to Paladomia State Park, PA – 60 miles

Ouch ouch ouch.  We start the day cycling through a street of yard sales then a visit to a local market where people are super friendly.  I talk politics with one chap who apeaks of Trump as ‘he who must not be named’. I meet a couple who have just cycled West to East USA in 2 months – 80 miles per day. The stall owner of ‘The Bees Knees’ gives us all free smoothies. He tells us that his mum was a fitness fanatic & forced him on many active pursuits – including cycling the Rockies – when he was younger. He recommends Rolo’s for altitude sickness.

We dumpster dive & find pizza that is still warm & sandwiches that go off tomorrow.  Jonathan says that confidence is the secret of dumpster diving – “walk in there like your dick is dragging along the floor”. He is unsure about the female equivalent. 

We cycle hard. It is hard. Today we hit the Apalecha mountains. Ouch. We cycle through vineyards & an unfortunately closed winery. We also pass a closed ‘Elephant museum’. I think about having a beer for hours & the first sign I see upon entering the State Park we are camping is “Alcohol Prohibited”. I wonder what era this is. I have a hot shower & get into bed. I have a fig bar for dinner because I cannot be arsed. 

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