And we’re off!

So much has happened in the past few days that I’d have to write reams & reams to fill you in. So a just before bed update from my sleeping bag on one of the oldest farms in Oley, Pensilvania. 

Day 1. New York to New Jersey. 50 miles.

After an initial exciting group start, the day was long & tough. New Jersey calls itself the garden state; it should be called the Hilly state (notice the capital H)! We do the last few miles in pitch dark with only our bike lights. It rains most of the day. When we arrive at our destination, a police car pulls up & tells us we are in the wrong place. We get a police escort to the right place. I find this very funny.

Day 2. New Jersey – Pensilvania.  67 miles. (Note: 3 states in 2 days ain’t bad!)

More hills! I ride with Claude, a french chap from Montreal. He rode from Montreal to NYC to start the trip,  3 days after doing his first marathon.  Claude is a grandfather. 

The scenery is beautiful.  We ride along trails next to rivers & see deer. Chipmunks stay on the path until darting away at the last minute, as if they are playing chicken. Chipmunks are the cutest thing ever! We get a bit misplaced & ask 2 girls on horses for directions. They are super nice & give us a horse escort miles in the right direction & show us a nice restaurant for lunch.

 Nice day but tough at points, we are both tired & i get chased by a scary dog. Our host for the night is Cathy. She has taken a day off work to go around local stores & ask for food donations so we arrive to a spread,  a camp fire, a pool,  a shower, a dryer & Cathy even lets us sleep in her basement. She has a puppy named Molly who is super excited about having so many people around. 
Days 3 & 4 will have to wait. Long ride tomorrow.

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