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I heart the subway

The New York subway deserves a post of it’s own – it is wild.

The first train i stepped foot on was stopped by a policeman putting his foot in the door as a man called them over to point out another man who had been harassing a woman. I switched platform & a motivational speaker entered, “I’ve just come from speaking to 200 women about domestic abuse”, she said, “buy my poem – it’ll be one of the best things you ever read!” I didn’t despite this splendid review from the author. She got off & another chap got on to sermon the passengers.

The following day I witnessed a hunched elderly woman with a walking stick grinding hips with a scantily clad singing & dancing busker in a subway station. An image that will be etched into my mind for some time. Later, I saw 2 guys get arrested.

My next subway delight was a man sitting with a huge picture of Mary holding the baby Jesus whilst a group of women with flowers sang Spanish hymns around him. 

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