Getting there. 

After a few nights at my mum’s , I set off from Orpington towards New York at 9.30am GMT. My partner Sarah & my mum came to see me off from Heathrow &, after the obligatory pre-flight pint, we said our goodbyes. They were emotional, I felt strangely calm. I did well up on my journey but I think I had to keep it together to approach this journey with the gusto it deserves.

I have to say that my first long haul flight  wasn’t as exciting as I imagined.  Virgin were great but sitting for over 7 hours is no fun, though good food, ice cream,  beer, wine & movies softened the blow somewhat. . .

At JFK airport, I felt sick with nerves, still a bit surprised that I’m making this trip. My taxi driver wore a shiny blue suit & listened to Americana. He found it very funny that I’d bought a bike to New York. If you leave your bike outside in New York, your bike will leave you in New York, he said.
Luckily Andreas the chap I’m staying with, friend of a friend that I’d never met before, is a keen cyclist so straight indoors my boxed bike went. Then off to a local Manhattan bar, basketball & hockey on screen, for a live band & a nightcap. 

Welcome to New York!​

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