My last few months have been full speed ahead in preparing for my 1st ever cycle tour (with moving house, leaving work & making plans to live in Asia for a little while thrown in on the side). This cycling malarky gives a girl a lot to think about – bike maintenance, cooking on the road, lightweight breathable clothing, withdrawing money abroad, doing laundry in the middle of nowhere – the list is seemingly endless, with 2 things added every time 1 is crossed off! I have to say that I’ve felt overwhelmed & bloody ridiculous at times.

Yesterday I found myself almost all ready, chilling out in the garden with friends -who somehow created an impromptu super noodle cooking competition to give me practice using my camp stove – handwashing my 1st batch of clothes using my Scrubba washbag, & getting my last minute bits together. Somehow sitting in the sunshine gave me a taste of what I’m looking forward to – pottering across America with what I’m sure will be good company, tackling new challenges & generally enjoying being outside. I am aware that this trip will be really difficult at times, but I am an eternal optimist, & right now I cannot wait (tomorrow I may be back to terrified!) 

2 thoughts on “Preparation

    1. Hi Mary, unfortunately not! We were originally due to start the trip from Boston but it was changed to New York :-/ I’m flying out on Thursday & heading West to finish in Seattle in August xx


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