In August 2016 I was sitting in a rocking chair in front of an open turf fire in a small village in Donegal, Ireland. I was with my partner visiting her grandmother. After a flight from the UK to Dublin, a 7 hour coach ride, an evening of ALMOST winning at Bingo in the village hall (though being secretly happy not to & avoid the wrath of the regular Bingo goers), a few glasses of Baileys & a game of Scrabble, I took some time to take a look at facebook. I saw a post that made me very very excited …

I followed an environmental activist, Rob Greenfield, and he had just posted an an open invite to anyone who was interested to join him & his partner for a skill sharing sustainability focused cycle across the USA. It sounded fantastic!

A few weeks later, in the early hours, my partner mentioned to friends that I may be heading to the USA. The next day I had a go at her and told her not to tell people that, because I probably wouldn’t, and then I’d look stupid. She said, ‘maybe if you tell people, you will do it’.

So I started to tell everyone, and now I have to do it – otherwise I’ll look really bloody silly.


“We are the Green Riders, doing Good Deeds on Bikes across the USA summer of 2017. We are cycling 3,700 miles from New York City to Seattle Washington leaving a path of goodness everywhere we go. We will be:

-Starting small gardens in communities, front yards, schools, church yards in every state.
-Freestyle gardening, planting food in unused places across the country
-Planting native wildflowers to help the struggling honeybee populations
-Planting fruit trees
-Establishing a community fruit tree orchard in one lucky city.
-Volunteering at gardens, farms, and nonprofits
-Setting up compost bins and rain water harvesting units to help others
-Randomly beautifying rundown places
-And so much more!

All across the country we will be helping others to grow their own food and contributing to help communities become happier, healthier, more vibrant places. This community bike ride has spurred from Rob Greenfield and Cheryl Davies plan to simply go for a long bike ride in the service of others. So far the team has organically grown to over 40 Green Riders who will be cycling coast to coast spreading goodness. Everyone is welcome to join for the entire ride or any part they’d like. Riders will travel in a low impact style living in an environmentally friendly manner. For everyone riding the journey will be an immersive experience in sustainable living with the intention to inspire and inform others on how to be a positive impact on the world.

But we need your help to Make America Green Again (yes we are standing up against injustice to the earth and its inhabitants by leading a positive example and spreading goodness)!”

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